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Azia is Kristie's new roommate and tells Kristie she loves to wrestle and its not long before the two are on the mats! Kristie dominates poor Azia for close to 30 minutes with every hold imaginable! Scissors, claws, crushes until Azia is left KO'd multiple times!
Models: Azia, Kristie
Tokens: 28
Length: 28:38
Brand new wrestler Azia is looking for her first match and challenges Cali. Big mistake! Cali dominates the beautiful Asian from start to finish!
Models: Azia, Cali Logan
Tokens: 6
Length: 6:51
Crusher just dominates and destroys the beautiful, helpless Azia! Lots of great holds here! Fans of squashes will love this one!
Models: Azia, Crusher
Tokens: 10
Length: 10:16
Can Azia take down the champ? Check it out now to find out!
Models: Azia, Deanna
Tokens: 9
Length: 9:47
Blonde vs Asian! These two beauties battle it out in a pinball or submission match!
Models: Azia, Deanna
Tokens: 6
Length: 6:37
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