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Brand new wrestler Azia is looking for her first match and challenges Cali. Big mistake! Cali dominates the beautiful Asian from start to finish!
Models: Azia, Cali Logan
Tokens: 6
Length: 6:51
Two brunette beauties start out in little tank tops and bikini bottoms and have an arm wrestling match. Then things really get heated and a catfight on the grass starts! Its not long before the tops are ripped off and used to strangle each other as both girls perfect tits are exposed and squeezed. The loser is humiliated and thrown into the cold pool! This is a must see!
Tokens: 10
Length: 10:11
Cali comes to the ring for wrestling tips from pro wrestler Christie Ricci and Christie is glad to show Cali the ropes...and the mat! The young beauty is taken apart by the giant pro, its a can't miss for fans of squashes!
Tokens: 14
Length: 14:16
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