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Crusher just dominates and destroys the beautiful, helpless Azia! Lots of great holds here! Fans of squashes will love this one!
Models: Azia, Crusher
Tokens: 10
Length: 10:16
This starts out as a bikini catfight between Lili and Liz. The two go at it for awhile until Kelly jumps in to help Liz. The two proceed to destroy Lili with belly punches, chokes, slams, scissors, chokeholds...poor Lili.
Tokens: 25
Length: 25:50
Lili is stretching while Brittany (who is dressed in a sexy cop outfit) interrupts her and its on! Brittany manages to get the upper hand when all of the sudden Lili's friend Liz jumps in out of nowhere, They proceed to beat and destroy the poor Latina with belly punches, tosses, slams, scissors and anything else they can think of!
Models: Lili Jensen, Liz
Tokens: 25
Length: 25:35
Blonde vs Asian! These two beauties battle it out in a pinball or submission match!
Models: Azia, Deanna
Tokens: 6
Length: 6:37
Nikki is the pretty new girl with long hair, big natural boobs and a great body but Crissy isn't impressed. Watch as Crissy dominates and destroys the beautiful young new girl with belly punches, scissor holds, camel clutches, back breakers and a ton of other painful holds.
Tokens: 9
Length: 9:13
Jenn and Sierra really go at each other in this one! Bikini tops are ripped off as both girls choke, smother, claw, tit maul, bend and twist each other to a hot, sweaty climax!
Models: Jenn, Sierra
Tokens: 13
Length: 13:48
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